Tax Increases Projected in Briarcliff's Tentative Budget [VIDEO]

Village Manager Philip Zegarelli discusses the proposed budget plan.

Both Town of Ossining and Town of Mount Pleasant residents living in Briarcliff Manor will likely see tax increases in the coming fiscal year, Village Manager Philip Zegarelli reported to the board of trustees Wednesday night.

The tentative $14,396,330 (general fund only) budget represents an increase of $33,824 over the current year's adopted spending plan.

Zegarelli said the village projects bringing in approximately $347,048 less revenue in the coming year, which has contributed to the $313,694 hike in proposed property tax collections.

"The problem that you have is we have cut back on the actual appropriations, but we are telling you in the budget document that other revenues...non-tax revenues, we are projecting a major decrease," he explained.

The New York State retirement fund payouts are also predicted to increase int he coming year. The 2012 actual figure Zegarelli shared yesterday of $965,037 is expected to go up to $1,249,798 in 2012-13.

Here is a breakdown of general fund spending by department:

Department 2012-13 2011-12 $4,500,654* $4,623,936 $3,666,344 $3,455,158 Debt Service $1,976,965 $1,655,855 $1,258,337 $1,289,159 Executive $771,846 $1,165,924 $595,667 $564,307 $611,780 $611,129 Building $272,922 $267,103 Clerk $259,767 $259,014 Treasurer $285,035 $324,551 $197,013 $189,170

*Sanitary sewer moved to water fund

No one spoke during the budget public hearing Wednesday.

The board adjourned the hearing until April 18. The board of trustees will adopt the budget on May 1.

Tax bills will be sent out to village residents by June 1 and are due on June 30.

manor_manner April 07, 2012 at 01:35 PM
JL ! you need to start at the top of the columns. Read the dates: duhhhh!!
Sarah Studley April 07, 2012 at 01:47 PM
The first column is proposed for 2012-13, the righthand column is the current year's adopted budget amount.
JL April 07, 2012 at 08:35 PM
So why were the numbers so high for Executive and Treasurer payments last and this year? So high that they could be reduced by such a huge percentage? Which pigs got caught with their hands in the trough? Duh!
McKey Rivers April 07, 2012 at 10:13 PM
More than half of the Village resources are consumed by services (DPW, Police, Courts) that are likely candidates for efficiency through consolidation, merger, contract for service with municipalities which either already cover the Village (Towns of Ossining and Mt. Pleasant, County of Westchester) or adjoin the Village (V of Ossining, Town of New Castle). I'm aware of recent efforts concerning policing services, but for example what is unique about Briarcliff DPW work that prevents reorganization and different means of delivery such as a contract for service with a larger municipality? Why a separate Village court? And why not renewed effort to consolidate police services? Great demands have been made on the Briarcliff School District to reduce it's budget and the school tax levy; the Village government should follow the course adopted by the School District
Rex Roth April 08, 2012 at 01:46 AM
The Briarcliff school budgets are constantly being chipped away and services to children reduced -- and yet nearly 400K of town budget money was reduced for payments to "Executives?" Do you know how much that 400K could have paid for in our schools this year and last? What is the breakdown of this expenditure?


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