Town of Ossining Supervisor's Recap

Supervisor Sue Donnelly updates residents on village projects; agenda for tonight's town hall meeting.

As we move into Autumn, we hope each and every one of you take the time to experience the beauty and peace of the season.  It is time that we all, here in the municipality as well as in our homes, prepare for the cold weather and the start of a new fiscal year. Consequently, this begins perhaps the busiest time for Town governments. Having said that, I continue to be impressed by the poise, work ethic and enthusiasm exhibited by our employees, even in during these stressful months. We are so fortunate to have such a professional and dedicated group of people working for the Town, and we want to continue to express our appreciation for each and every one of them.

Project (Capital and “In-House”) Controls

It is essential in these lean times that we ensure that every tax dollar is spent correctly,  and that all of the work that we agree to perform is done for the betterment of all. It is critical that all major projects, as well as everyday tasks, be scheduled properly to ensure that our exceptional employees get direction from their management and are able to work to their greatest potential.

Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth. Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.
   W. Clement Stone

Case Studies, Continued

Case Study 6

After the Town had installed new sewer lines, there was a need to remove/ fill some residual wells and/or tanks. There had been much discussion as to how to proceed, as well as many premature promises made to residents. While we plan to honor all commitments, we have discovered that there may well have been less costly (yet just as efficient!) methods considered in completing the projects than those initially promised.

Using the Engineering team, we had established that one well/tank could be filled in, covered with concrete, and then blacktopped- this course of action was the decision of the Engineering team and was given the green light by the Westchester County Department of Health. This process was discussed at several meetings. The project was recently carried out, and the team on the road did an outstanding, neat, and professional job. However, when the project was ultimately constructed, the cement layer was intentionally omitted at the direction of departmental management. Consequently, the completed project was not approved by Westchester County and the blacktop had to be removed so that the layer of concrete could be installed and the black top reapplied. This resulted in not only a higher cost for the project (especially labor), but also time lost on other projects.

Case Study 7

There is a buried tank that will be removed in the next month or so. The project should have been reviewed prior to discussions with residents, but promises were made before the best course of action could be determined. The ultimate outcome was that easements had to be drawn up before the work could commence. We must watch the progress of this project very carefully to make certain that costs remain under control: the initial projected cost was relatively low, but after following the proper steps to guarantee that the tank was in sound condition to be removed, we realized that the Town may be in for a higher expense than anticipated. It is imperative that when projects are first documented, all of the possible scenarios are discussed so that no costly surprises arise, therefore allowing a planned project to degenerate into an emergency.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”
   - Henry Ford

Fiscal Responsibility

When it was determined that the Town would not continue with a loan program from New York State, we opted to go out in the Bond Market and have a bond sale to satisfy the balance of the NYS loan, pay for the costly tax certioraris and small claims, as well as complete many of the projects we have begun this year. We determined that the financial state of the Town was exceptional, and Moody’s Investment Services agreed with us: they issued a positive outlook for our Bonds and a MIG1 rating for the Bond Anticipation Notes.  We have now completed all the transactions, and are very happy to report that the Bond interest rate was less than 2.5% and the BAN rate was .74%. These fantastic rates will be discussed at the Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday October 2nd at the Library.

We have begun preparing the 2013 budget, and have held initial meetings with all Department Managers.  As we move forward with the budget planning process, it is our intention to keep the residents in “the loop”- we will be discussing it at different work sessions, and the Board budget meetings will be open to the public. 

We look forward to any resident input that you have as we continue to work towards giving the Unincorporated area of the Town, as well as the entire Town, the best services available while remaining vigilant of the effects on the bottom line. 

Please join us at the TOWN HALL MEETING
October 2nd, 2012 at the Library at 7:30 PM

 Town Hall Meeting - October 2, 2012

  1. Moody’s positive outlook rating - T. Warren

    • The excellent bond and BAN rates that we got to fund our projects

  2. Tree Removal – John Hamilton

    • Tree law available to the public (we have copies and on the web)

    • Tree law available to the public (we have copies and on the web)

    • Responsibility of removal of trees on easements and “right of way”

    • Residential requests to remove trees and necessary documentation

    • Tree expert… when is it needed?

    • When can a tree be cut down because it is an emergency?

  3. Tax Levy vs. Actual Property Tax – Fernando Gonzalez/Gloria Fried

    Explaining the difference between tax levy and actual property tax and why some people have higher increases than expected.

  4. Sanitation – Sue Donnelly

    Discussion of the new bid document, and examining possible options.

  5. Update on the budget – Sue Donnelly

  6. Referendum for November 2012 election – Sue Donnelly

    Conversion of Town Superintendent of Highways to Appointed from Elected Position

  7. Open Mic

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