Where Do You Stand on Nuclear Power?

Nuclear Regulatory Commission hearings begin in Tarrytown today on the renewal of Indian Point's licensing.

It’s been a “long time coming” writes an AP report on the Federal hearings that begin today in Tarrytown on the renewal of soon-to-expire licensing for the Indian Point nuclear facility.

Indian Point is located in Buchanan, NY but Tarrytown’s DoubleTree is again the site of public hearing action. Today at 1 p.m. begins the Nuclear Regulatory Commissions' review of several major opponents claims against the plant in hearings scheduled to continue for the next several weeks and again in December.

One of the biggest opponents to license renewal is Riverkeeper, headquartered just up the road on South Broadway.

"I think this really spells the end of Indian Point," said Robert F. Kennedy, chief prosecuting attorney for Riverkeeper, in the AP report. "The noose is closing."

Indian Point spokespersons, of owner Entergy Nuclear, however express confidence in the outcome.

"These are issues that we're pleased to have a chance to discuss in this administrative setting," said Entergy spokesman Jerry Nappi in the AP report. "We feel we have a sound technical basis on each issue."

“In a way, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is on trial, too, given that its staff has already concluded that relicensing is warranted,” says a NY Times report.

Two reactors here are almost up on their decades-long licenses – one in 2013, the other in 2015.

Both sides apparently agree that those dates will probably pass before this lengthy process comes to any resolution. However, according to NRC regulations, the plant can continue operating until a decision is made, even if that surpasses the expiration dates.

Opponents worry for the 17 million people residing within 50 miles of a plant with corroding pipes, among numerous other issues.

"The facts are on our side," writes a report on Riverkeeper.

From their site:

It is a day for the history books. Today in public hearings in Tarrytown, Riverkeeper begins making our arguments before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the Indian Point nuclear reactors should be shut down when their original 40-year operating licenses expire. Entergy is seeking a new license to operate them for another 20 years. Starting with arguments about the danger of corroded pipes at the aging facility, Riverkeeper and our allies will argue an unprecedented number of issues.

You can download their analysis, released Oct. 11, of replacing the plant with sustainable energy resources here.

The plant reportedly supplies one-fourth of the power for Westchester County and NYC but even faces opposition from Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Where do you stand on this contentious issue? Should Indian Point be allowed to renewed its licensing?

The hearings are open to the public for observation only. Portions may be closed if proprietary information is raised. The scheduled dates are: Oct. 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23 and 24, and Dec. 10-14, as needed. Hearings start Monday, Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. and the start time for each following day will be announced during the previous day’s gathering. The DoubleTree is located at 455 South Broadway.

Bernie October 15, 2012 at 04:08 PM
Does it really make a difference, they will still raise the price. Leave it alone


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