Proof of Life After Death

Are psychic mediums real?

So for me a natural follow-up to my last blog..."Undiagnosed Human Rabies Deaths?" in which I briefly discussed the tragic circumstances of my father's death from encephalitis is this...Does your loved one's soul live on and can a psychic medium truly connect with your deceased loved one? 

Short answer...YES! 

When our beloved father, my mom's loving husband of 51 years, and adoring grandpa died unexpectedly of encephalitis all of our lives changed. I searched for comfort wanting to know for sure my dad still existed and was a part of all of our lives. This in turn led me to psychic mediums in search of proof. I attended psychic fairs, conferences, and had some private readings as well. What I learned is something I always knew in my heart...your soul lives on, love truly is eternal, and your deceased loved one is closer than you know!  

What I also learned unfortunately is that there are plenty of fake "psychic mediums" out there pretending to connect with your loved ones. I for one am not easily fooled by the fishing and general statements and questions and answers of fake mediums. The biggest test...I have to be told something very specific to me by the medium that there is no way he could have known unless my father told him.

And so I tell you about the only legitimate medium I have ever encountered thus far...John Edward. His comments directed to me only as I stood there were spot on. He gave a lot of correct information about my dad such as family names and that his name has an ST sound...his name was Salvatore. And correct information about my dad having a problem with his brain. Impressive but I was not totally convinced. UNTIL....  He said my dad told him I just bought a new refrigerator.  Yes I had just bought a new refrigerator 2 weeks before! AND THEN ...John told my brother that my dad is telling him he has a Valerie Harper connection. My brother had just bought tickets to her Broadway show that same day! And let me not forget to mention that John saw a Pearl Harbor day connection...my birthday is December 7th. 

Convinced yet? 

Specifics John could not have known unless my father was there that day telling him. Specifics that show my beloved father is alive and well on another plane and is able to see what is going on in his loved ones everyday lives. John Edward is real. But what I've also learned is that you don't have to be John Edward to get a message from your deceased loved ones...there are many signs they can send your way to let you know they are well and watching after you. I've had quite a few of these unexplainable, miraculous signs myself from my dad as well as my Nana.

Have you had any signs from your deceased loved ones?

I will tell you more...until my next blog...love and peace to all.

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Sherms January 08, 2013 at 04:24 AM
Alias, it is actually fun to discuss things with you (thanx for backing off on the personal attacks). Are you one of the people who believe you can't put something on the internet if it isn't true? Yeah, I did start slowing down with the advent of smartphones; I find I prefer to talk to people instead of looking at a screen. Wondering how many PhD's you have actually met and got to know. I have worked with probably 50-70 and talked with maybe another 100- 200. About 25% or so really are impressive and deserve every bit of respect they get. For about 30%, the PhD IS actually p.h.d. and means piled higher & deeper and the crap drops from them even as they walk.The rest fall somewhere in between. In an unfamiliar place, you may be able to get on your smartphone, call up the GPS app, and find the location of the restaurant you were looking for (all this by doing things yourself using the wonders of recent technology); or you can ask the local sitting at the bustop and he can point and say, down the street 2 blocks on your right, but if you wan't a really good meal, turn right at the next block and Nana's Cafe is halfway down on your left. - Maybe you try the cafe and have the best meal you have ever eaten. You can be pretty certain of mediocre, or be optomistic and you might get fantastic (yes, it could be a dump, but I have NEVER had a bad meal based on a local's recommendation). We ALL get it, JE is a fraud. But trust me, I haven't starved a day in my life.
Robin January 08, 2013 at 01:01 PM
Dear Patch Readers, I just want to thank all who were involved with this blog by either participating in the discussion or simply just being open enough to read it. I truly appreciate it . Unfortunately, I have been experiencing problems on this site and now it seems another. I don't know if they are connected but it is troubling enough for me to decide to move on from my blogging days. There's plenty of other trouble out there for me to get myself into : ) I hope the discussion continues, kindly of course, in my absence. And Sherms, a special thank you for all that you have attempted to do ...I wish you the best on your journey, and hope you know how much your presence has meant here. I wish all of you peace, love, happiness, hope, and of course...light.
Thanks For The Memories January 08, 2013 at 01:29 PM
Robin, say it ain't so. Have you run this by John Edward and Nana? Let's not make any rash decisions without consulting them, that would make no sense at all. i know that I for one will be sending you telepathic messages of love, light, peace, happiness, hope, courage, joy, enlightenment, magic, and lots and lots of hugs and of course, so much light, the most magical John Edward light provided by Dad and Nana. From all of us Robin, from Valerie Harper, all the butterflies in the woods, every discarded slipper and refrigerator everywhere, we thank you. Thank you for the most outrageous blog title and for attempting to defend and present that title as truth. And thank you providing as the evidence for "Proof Of LIfe After Death", John Edward. It doesn't get much better than that, thank you for all the laughter and surrealism. We were lucky to have been able to be a part of it, and though there are some tears certain to be shed today, we know that we will all be reconnected in the big Patch blog in the sky. And that all those we leave behind, we be able to contact us through John Edward or his offspring, if any women is crazy enough to procreate with him. And if not, if John elects to adopt, I know he'll figure a way to transmit his special, special gifts, to him or her. So that we can all be in touch with those we leave on this earth. To let them know, we know, they bought a new refrigerator. Information like this is priceless. Thank you Robin, for sharing.
Robin May 26, 2013 at 07:36 AM
IMPORTANT! This blog ....all my blogs...had the comments sections closed, as per my request, months ago due to safety concerns. It seems, with the new formatting of this site, the comments sections have been mistakenly reopened. Also, most of the original 500 + comments are mistakenly no longer showing. And the few comments that actually do show now are a confusing mess. There are other problems as well. I will try to have this all straightened out.
Aidan May 26, 2013 at 01:46 PM
Good luck. The site's a mess.


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