Grant Remembered as Intelligent, Popular Teen

The 19-year-old graduated from Briarcliff High School in 2009.

Alexander Grant, the 19-year-old graduate, in upstate New York on Tuesday afternoon, left an impact on the community he left behind.

According to Dr. Frances Wills, the former superintendent of the , she remembers the teen very well.

"I remember him as a very tall, very bright, very popular boy," she said. "He was clearly very intelligent. He made his mark at the school for who he was—a very warm, witty young man."

Dr. Wills said she also recalls Grant's parents being active in the schools.

"They were very dedicated people," she said, "very well respected."

Though Grant graduated in 2009, Dr. Wills said, "He was certainly a boy that you remember and someone who makes an impression."

She said he had "loads of friends," yet was "very respectful and someone who always greeted you and looked you in the eye."

Dr. Wills said his acceptance into Boston College, where he was a sophomore majoring in economics, shows he was not only bright, but had great character.

According to a statement from the college, Grant was a member of the honors program and "was a gifted and popular student in his class."

The school's president spoke with his mother today and offered "offered condolences on behalf of Boston College," said the statement.

"He had all of the qualities of someone who would make his mark in the world," said Dr. Wills. "I'm just devastated."


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