Pleasantville Fund for Learning Announces 2012 Grants

PFFL Grants Committee co-chairs present seven grants to the district's three schools.

teachers, administrators and students are given the opportunity to apply for grants offered each year by the Pleasantville Fund for Learning (PFFL).

The organization hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to raise funds for the grants.

At Tuesday's board of education meeting, Grants Committee Co-Chairs Veronica Costanza and Lisa Ultan shared the seven grants that have been awarded to the three schools for the 2012-13 academic year, totaling more than $25,000.

Walls That Teach ($5,300) — This grant will provide tools for four grade-specific, curriculum-based murals throughout the school to create an "Art Gallery of Learning," which will connect visual arts with science, social students and English Language Arts, "inspiring students to communicate as they navigate the hallways each day."

Composting the Green Paw Garden ($575) — The grant will facilitate the collection and composting of organic waste from the cafeteria. Students will work with the compost bins housed in the school's edible garden.

PMS 5th Grade Chorus Curriculum Enrichment Project ($636.65) — This grant funds tuned percussion tubes ("boomwhackers") to fifth graders to provide "a unique, creative, fun and hands-on activity to enhance learning."

Chaos Learning with Physics, Kinetics and Meaningful Madness ($880) — This grant extends STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) learning to fifth and sixth graders, giving the students materials to collaborate on projects that involving inventing, building and understanding how things work.

Nooks and e-Books ($3,638.99) — This grant will help create an interactive and personalized reading experience in the Library Media Center.

PHS Fitness Renewal Project ($5,000) — This grant will fund elliptical machines and treadmills for the fitness center, available for athletes and all students.

PHS Writing Workshop ($9,479.99) — This grant will fund 10 mini laptops and a printer for a writing workshop course that will be offered in the fall to help students with English and social studies writing.

: $25,510.63

Costanza revealed that this year marks the final year for herself and Ultan on the committee, calling the experience "so enjoyable and so rewarding."

"To be able to give funds to enrich the education of students for years to come is beyond meaningful and fulfilling," she said.

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