Pleasantville Schools Consider Facility Improvements

School board will discuss the possibility of proposing a a capital reserve fund to voters.

residents may not just be voting on the in May.

At last week's board of education meeting, trustees and administrators discussed the possibility of creating a capital reserve fund to make improvements and repairs to various facilities throughout the district.

Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter stressed that the improvements are being considered on a long-term basis, not to be completed all at once.

The board decided to hold a work session prior to the April 17 meeting to discuss the creation of a reserve fund for this purpose. During discussions last week, board members appeared to agree that repairing the tennis courts would be the number one priority.

"To me, that one is a huge safety issue," said Board President Lois Winkler.

In an email to Patch, Fox-Alter outlined the 10 areas for possible improvements or repairs, mostly at Pleasantville Middle School and Bedford Road School, as the was completed last year:

  1. Turf field ("carpet" will need replacement in the next few years)
  2. Tennis courts (used for practice only; repairs and re-surfacing estimated to cost $50,000)
  3. Track (Short term repairs are budgeted for, will need resurfacing in the long term)
  4. front (see below for details)
  5. Middle school/ concrete (see below for details)
  6. Middle school fencing (estimated $12,000 cost to replace remaining section of original chain link fence)
  7. Middle school roof (see below for details)
  8. Middle school cafeteria (addition of air conditioning estimated to cost $85,000)
  9. Bedford Road School gym floor (recent water leak damage to be fixed, insurance company will reimburse)
  10. house (minor renovations estimated to cost $6,575; replacement down the line would cost roughly $1 million)

At the front of the middle school, Fox-Alter said three projects may be covered by the district's maintenance budget:

  • Creation of a permeable grass egress pathway from the front left to the rear of the fifth grade wing (estimated cost: $7,500 to $10,000)
  • Retaining wall addition on the grass area near the fifth grade exit door (estimated cost: $30,000)
  • Removing the building's original front entranceway bushes (estimated cost: $2,500)

The concrete work proposed may also fit into the maintenance budget—Fox-Alter said estimates to replace concrete pads at the rear of the middle school are about $5,000; the pads near the BRS gymnasium would cost about $15,000 to replace.

"The MS has had a number of different roofs based upon the year of the additions," Fox-Alter explained in the email. "The roof from the main section is original. It's a white roof that is about 60 years old."

Each year, she said, the district pays to repair the roof. Soon, however, it will need to be replaced entirely—at a cost of about $600,000 to the district.

"The board can also choose to make the newer roofs white—that will help with cooling," she added.

At last Tuesday's meeting, Thomas Exton, board vice president, noted, "There's roughly $900,000 of need here."

Fox-Alter pointed out several of the facilities in question—particularly Parkway Field (not owned by the district, but it is responsible for the field house's maintenance) and the athletic facilities—are used heavily by students and the greater Pleasantville community.

During the citizen-led planning and advisory committee (PAC) presentations a few months back, the district consider fundraising efforts or booster club assistance for the repair of these items.

"That is the most used field used in this community, bar none," she said of the high school turf field.

Should the school board put forth a capital reserve fund proposal to voters? Which projects should be priorities? Tell us in the comments.


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