Reaction Swift, Negative in Mahopac Racist Tweeting Scandal

What's your take on the punishment?

YouTuber captures a fan brawl at the recent Mahopac-Mount Vernon semi-final basketball game.
YouTuber captures a fan brawl at the recent Mahopac-Mount Vernon semi-final basketball game.
Reaction is still unfolding on social media to the news Mahopac students posted racist tweets during a basketball game against Mount Vernon.

Read some of what was initially posted here. 

Mahopac lost the Class AA semi-final game and three of its students have been suspended. There was also a brawl between fans at the game captured and posted on YouTube. 
shakemdown March 09, 2014 at 10:58 PM
@joshua tanner, even though i don't usally agree with you i am agreeing with you on one thing, from what i've read and let me say that i'm a pretty good reader, it doesn't state anywhere in the article that Mahopac basketball team was involved in the social media comments,so you are right, the team should not take the hit for the other knucleheads, but what really gets me is that you are focused more on one person who is not even in the equation(Judith Johnson) as the leader of her district it is her job to protect her student body so she is doing her job, and yes i am fully aware of what went on IN the Peekskill school district during her time here but let's focus on what's on hand (Racism), this is something you know all too well because everytime that you post something it's talking about how the hispanic are taking all the jobs and how the Peekskill school district is suffering because of the rather large hispanic student body and so on, again to you i say,let's focus on the issues. and by the way i didn't see anything in your post that said that the comments that were made on social media were totally wrong and should of never been posted. #justsaying
shakemdown March 09, 2014 at 11:15 PM
@patty, you are right, that's part of the problem some people feel that because we have a freedom of speech law in this country it gives them the right to do and say what they want without knowing the repercussions or the meaning of certain symbols and in this case what a certain flag stands for. to those students i say, "a mind is a terrible thing to waste"
joshua tanner March 09, 2014 at 11:24 PM
Its been said the most sophisticated form of evil is not hate - but hate disguised as love. That's exactly what I see in the PC police, and all the exaggerated outrage about racism. The biggest racists these days are the ones screaming about it all over the place with the intention of bullying people - like Judith Johnson is doing. I've been called race slurs and I just saw it as the others persons problem. I didn't expect the national guard to come. I would just as soon know what people think than suppress them via intimidation. "People convinced against their will are of their opinion still". When people make a big fuss over names they actually teach people that they can get power over people by using them. If people tell a bad joke and nobody laughs the joke teller feels embarrassed. People use names to get a reaction and hurt people. When they don't get those reactions and instead just feel observed for being fools it makes them self conscious. People shouldn't carry on and make such a fuss over names - especially when you can stand outside Peekskiill High and hear all the same names in every other sentance. As for immigrants - they actually steal opportunity from black Americans. They've taken the jobs, the affordable housing, benefits etc. Are they nice people? Yes - nicer than a lot of Americans. However a country cant foolishy allow millions of people to just break in and absorb resources and for benefits. With 90 million people having fallen from the workforce America doesn't need millions of people being allowed to break in so that McDonalds can have cheaper labor and Democrats can get votes. No country can survive such lunacy - and if you look America is falling apart. Common sense is gone and people confuse being good with being nice. Being good means observing sensible principles. Being "nice" means ignoring what is prudent and spoiling people to appear good, generous etc. The illegals know Americans are fools. They can't believe the gov pays people who dont work - and that they can just walk in and get all kinds of free free free. You think the countries these people come from would be happy to see Americans break in by the millions? They would be screaming murder etc.
shakemdown March 11, 2014 at 02:08 AM
@joshua tanner, Once again i have to disagree with you, there are more people who are born and raise in this country who get all free,free, free, like you say, and as far as them taking all the jobs, that's because some of the people born in this country do not like to get dirty or work for minimum wage or are just plain lazy so the immigrants will do the work and not worry about getting dirty or if they are going to make more money then the next person. Once again proving that, this is the land of opportunity and that's what they are doing, getting the opportunity that some who was born in this country didn't want, I too have been called racist names but i'm like the old cartoon POPEYE who's famous line was,"I AM' WHO I AM ,AND THAT'S WHO I AM", and if you don't like me , that's your problem,but you are going to RESPECT me. I like to say, let's not ignore the issue because it is a serious problem and if we continue to ignore it will only get worst. Joshua,i like to ask you,do you think that what the young folks did in Mahopac was wrong?. I'm not one to holler RACISM at a drop of a dime, but this is serious and it should be dealt as such.


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