Photos: Residents Recycle Sporting Equipment

PleasantvilleRecycles collects dozens of items at second recycling event.

PleasantvilleRecycles continued its recycling day tradition with a used sporting equipment drive on a sunny Saturday.

"It's a great turnout," said PleasantvilleRecycles member Christin Simon Ogryzlo. "We are absolutely happy."

Community members donated more than 60 bicycles, which lined a patch of grass at the , along with dozens of pairs of cleats and other equipment ranging from soccer balls to skis to skateboard ramps.

The bikes were donated to non-profit organization Recycle-a-Bicycle, which refurbishes them and sells them to programs in New York City.

The other items collected will be given away by PleasantvilleRecycles at Pleasantville Day on May 19.

To learn more about PleasantvilleRecycles, visit its website.

PleasantvilleRecycles.org April 24, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Thank you to all who stopped by with donations. We gathered tons of balls, cleats, pads, tennis racquets, LAX sticks, baseball gloves, and more—and, as Sarah mentioned above, we'll be distributing them for FREE at our booth at Pleasantville Day (May 19). The over 61 bicycles were donated to Recycle-a Bicycle, a wonderful nonprofit that refurbishes and sells them to support their many amazing youth and adult programs in the city. (Learn about them at www.recycleabicycle.org.) They were thrilled, grateful, and even a little surprised to see how many bikes we collected—they could barely fit them all in their truck! We're working hard to organize more events and help spread the word about other opportunities to reuse and recycle. Please check our website and like us on Facebook for all the updates. If you have any questions or ideas—or if you'd like to help!—please email us at info@pleasantvillerecycles.org. And thank you again for the wonderful, encouraging response! PleasantvilleRecycles


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