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P'ville Troop Donates $1,000 for Girl Scout HQ Solar Panels [VIDEO]

Cadet Troop 3011 in Pleasantville plans to help make the building greener.

Names, Grades: Rachel Brody, Teresa Hoffmesiter, Madison Jacobs, Melissa Jacobs, Anna Mockler, Alexa Pettenati, Sophie Rapley, Katie Schaub, Alessia Scimia, Sydney Shulman-Arno, Kiara Vedovino of Troop 3011—all Grade 6


Accomplishment: Raising $1,000 to donate to Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson in Pleasantville for solar panels.

Key to Awesomeness: After Troop 3011 took a tour of headquarters as junior girl scouts, the Pleasantville residents discovered energy inefficiencies.

"They did an audit of the building from an energy perspective," explained Troop Leader Jill Jameson. "Then they sat down to brainstorm ideas about what they could potentially do to make a difference...they decided they wanted to put solar panels in the building."

Then, using tools from science classes in school and with the help of Robison Oil’s ComfortSave Solutions, the scouts learned 12 of about 100 panels (the ultimate goal) would cost approximately $14,000 to install.

"They established a goal of trying to earn the first $15,000, including the $1,000, within the next two years," said Jameson.

In addition to Westchester, the offices serve Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan and Ulster counties.

Scout Katie Schaub said, she's excited because the panels will be "good for the earth and...will save money."

A tag sale at the home of Troop Leader Jeannmarie Vedovino last summer raised $1,000 to kick off the project. The check from the sale was presented at the Girls Scouts' Great Oak Lane headquarters yesterday.

"This $1,000 check means more to me than any big donations we get," Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Chief Executive Pamela Anderson commented Wednesday. "This is really, really important."

Chief Financial Officer Patricia Page revealed the organization plans to invest the $1,000 in the stock market and, "We're going to try to make it grow."

She said she will send monthly statements to the troop to let them know where the funds stand.

Moving forward, the troop is looking to engage other scouts, individuals and organizations in the fundraising for the solar panels.

"We ultimately need support beyond our group," pointed out Jameson. "This is hopefully a start to get people excited about the idea."

For Scout Aleesia Scimia, this project embodies Girl Scout values.

"It's fun getting to know that you're helping people," she shared.


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